Balsamic Grilled Eggplant Salad
Main Ingredients
Balsamic Dressing
  1. 1. Slice the eggplant into thin slices – about 1/2 cm thick. I cut the stem off so I could stand it up and slice down the length of the eggplant. Try and make sure that they are equally cut, as you want them to grill evenly (thinner slices can burn while thicker slices will still be soft).
  2. 2. Marinate the eggplant slices with the zaatar, paprika, salt, and massage with a generous amount of olive oil. The key to them grilling is to make sure every slice is properly and evenly with the oil so there are no dry parts. Once the spices are mixed in, I would take each slice and rub down individually to make sure they’re entirely coated.
  3. 3. Line the eggplant slices up on some baking paper and put in the oven at 150C for about 40 minutes.
  4. 4. Once the eggplant is out and crispy, set them aside and allow them to cool completely. Meanwhile, melt the tablespoon of honey in a little bit of hot water from your kettle. This will make it easier to mix in with the rest of the dressing ingredients without getting gloopy.
  5. 5. Place the cooled eggplant in your dish with sliced cucumber, pomegranate, and mint. For the mint, I simply tore it up and sprinkled it over. Then pour your dressing over and mix well. You want to make sure it’s all nice and drenched.
  6. 6. You can make this ahead of time from your main dish and refrigerate it, or you can serve immediately at room temperature, and it will taste great both ways!