The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

It is not something I say lightly when I call this the Ultimate turkey sandwich – but it really is. Don’t let appearances fool you – this sandwich might be humble looking but it packs a flavour punch! Might seem crazy to make a whole recipe just for a sandwich, but there’s a whole background to it. To the class of 2009, this is actually a minor historical moment!

Storytime! When I was at school, I would make this sandwich and one of my classmates loved it so much she encouraged me to start selling it, and a little mini business was born. I kept this recipe a secret for over 10 years since then! But here I am today to share with you this turkey sandwich that just has a secret special something about it.

I’ve made a few “grown up” upgrades since my school days – just little touches that elevated the flavour. But here are the key things to note about the ultimate turkey sandwich:

The Pickles

Okay, don’t skip out on this. I have tried this sandwich multiple different ways and it doesn’t taste the same as American Garden sliced dill pickles. This is not sponsored at all, but this is one of the key things that makes or breaks the balance of flavours in this sandwich.

the honey mustard

This might seem a little extra because I’m sure you can readily buy honey mustard, but mixing my own has also made a great control over the sweetness to tanginess ratio.

the bread

Get yourself a lovely baguette to make this sandwich. You need the crunch of the crust and the chewiness for this to be a well-rounded experience. Other breads just don’t deliver the same!

Toasted buns

Here’s a level up from the original recipe! Once you’ve got your freshly buttered bread, even the lightest toast in a pan will be noticeable. Also, who doesn’t like butter? It really does make everything better!

the oregano

This is a habit I picked up from my husband, but the final touch is a light sprinkling of dried oregano on the sandwich, and suddenly you have a nice, complex herby note to round off your sandwich. Remember to put it on your honey mustard side so it sticks!

Let’s jump into the recipe – Don’t just stick it all on your bread and call it a day. The process matters!

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The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich
  1. Butter your baguette nice and even
  2. Toast them in a pan until nice and golden
  3. Mix up your honey mustard (if you're going for readymade, that's cool) and spread your honey mustard on one side and BBQ sauce on the other.
  4. Put your slices of Edam on the BBQ side, and then microwave for 10-20 seconds, until the Edam JUST melts enough to loose its form and get soft, but not that it melts completely and gets liquid or bubbles up.
  5. Next add your turkey slices
  6. Add your pickles and jalapeños, then sprinkle the oregano on your honey mustard side (it'll help it stick)
  7. Enjoy the ultimate turkey sandwich!

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